Grissom 1, Memphis University School 0; Smith goal decides game, indirectly

For the first time in a long time, Grissom was able to fight their way into the Southern Soccer Challenge finals.  Grissom's lone goal came after a hard fought, scoreless first half. With 19 minutes remaining in the game, the referee stopped play for an injured Owl with Grissom in possession of the ball.  By rule, he awarded Grissom an indirect kick from 25 yards out.  Ben Smith deflected the shot off a Memphis player and into the net.  Memphis increased the intensity and added two strikers to their formation for the final surge, but Jordan Eutsey, Trey Pinke, Yousef Yasser, and Josh Lowe kept the Owls at bay.  The horn sounded with Grissom goalie Kai Snodgrass in possession of the ball and the victory.