Grissom 2, Huntsville 1; Balogun and Cleary provide Tiger offense

Grissom defeated Huntsville 2-1 at Boyd Field on 19 April.  Temperatures hovered in the 40s with a constant drizzle and steady wind, but school officials decided to play with the regular season scheduled to end on the 24th. Grissom opened strong but looked vulnerable in the last minutes of the first half.  In the 40th minute, James Balogun remedied the slump when he stole the ball at midfield, dribbled deftly through the Panther defense, and then rocketed the ball through the back of the net.  Balogun earned the ire of the center referee when he continued his run over the Panther crowd control barrier and into the Grissom student section. Buoyed by that goal, Grissom dominated the second half of play taking 15 shots to Huntsville's 5.  In the 15th minute of the second half, Aiden Cleary scored his 19th of the season to give the Tigers a more comfortable cushion.  However, with 1:30 left in the game, a suspect call gave the Panthers a free kick from 25 yards out.  The ball found its way into the Tiger net making for a hectic finish.  Overall, Grissom took 20 shots, 9 on goal, with 3 corners.  Huntsville took 10 shots, five on goal, and had 4 corners.  Grissom plays Huntsville on 22 April to determine the Area Champion.