Huntsville 3, Grissom 1: Huntsville finishes area play at 4-2

The Huntsville Panthers defeated Grissom 3-1 at Grissom on Friday night. Huntsville finishes area play at 4-2, and Grissom moves to 3-1 with two games remaining. Grissom plays Gadsden Tuesday at home and at Hewitt on Wednesday. Huntsville made the most of their opportunities scoring 3 goals on five shots and 4 corners. Grissom took 19 shots with 9 on goal and 7 corners. Grissom committed 9 fouls, Huntsville 15. Each side was called for 1 yellow.
Grissom can win Area 7 with two wins next week. If there is a percentage tie by two or more teams for the area championship, the first tie-break is head to head play in the two regular season area matches. The second is goal differential in the two regular season area matches (up to a 3-goal differential per match). (Note: Goal differential is defined as margin of victory, the difference in the two final scores of the two teams involved.) Since Grissom beat Huntsville 3-0 in the first regular season match. Grissom has a 1 goal advantage in the second tie-breaking factor if both teams finish 4-2.